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Pad Printing

  • Simple, cost-effective printing services.
  • High quality finishes.
  • A perfect print every time.
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Plastic tube packaging

Tech Tube Ltd are proud to be one of the UK’s premier plastic printing companies, providing quality pad printing services for clients across the UK. We have over 40 years’ experience in plastic manufacturing, building up a reputation for reliability and quality of service over the years.

Pad printing is a specialty printing process that transfers a 2D image onto a 3D object. A soft silicone pad transfers an image onto a pad, adapting to the product that is being printed to ensure a perfect print is obtained every time.

Our pad printing services are available on a wide range of products, such as cosmetic items for logo printing on products such as lotions and perfume bottles. We print single or multi-colour logos, contents and usage information on either side of your container for a cost-effective service, eliminating the need for labels.

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Benefits Of Pad Printing

Pad printing provides a simple, cost-effective solution for difficult to print plastic parts and fittings, ensuring a perfect print every time. The pad can mould itself around the substrate getting into areas on the product which can often be more difficult to reach.

Our inks are incredibly durable, and can be post-treated to create an extremely weatherproof and pocket-proof image, perfect for portable products such as sun creams or makeup. Our pad printing process transfers only a few microns of ink. This allows for extremely fine and precise images, ideal for product decorating.

We offer a range of plastic printing services for a wide range of commercial applications throughout the UK, and take pride in being one of the leading plastic extrusion manufacturers in the country. Contact us for more information and a Free Quote on our professional Pad Printing services.

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