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With over 40 years’ experience in the design, fabrication and delivery of plastic products for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications across the UK, Tech Tube Ltd offer dry offset printing services, offering a cost-effective solution for printing high quality images onto your plastic products.

Dry offset printing is a particularly cost-effective printing method when compared to other methods, producing high-quality images for your rigid plastic products. The printing technique is commonly used throughout the industry to transfer a high-quality image from a printing plate of up to five colours from a rubber pad, directly onto the surface of a plastic tube.

We’re proud to be industry leaders in the design, manufacture, printing and nationwide delivery of plastic extruded products, providing dry offset printing services for customers across the UK.

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What Is Offset Printing

Dry offset printing is an incredibly efficient method we use to print your design directly onto large quantities of plastic collapsible tubes. As an expert commercial printer for plastic extrusions, we can print up to five colours on your tube, producing a perfect finish to your product every time, even in large quantities.

Dry offset printing is a printing process which uses a metal-backed photopolymer relief plate, where the ink is transferred to a rubber blanket before being transferred to the substrate. This printing method is used for printing on a wide range of injection moulded products, including rigid plastic buckets, tubs and cups. It is known as “dry” offset printing as no oil or water is used in the process.

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