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About Us

Part of the Dalatek Plastics Group, Tech Tube Ltd is situated 4 miles from Junction 28 of the M1 Motorway and on the edge of the Sherwood Forest.

Dalatek Plastics gained over 35 years of experience under owners Anthony Jurkiw and John Cawthorne, making us one of the most skillful general purpose plastic extruders, printers and injection moulders in the UK, before transferring these skills to the present day companies.

In 2005, the Dalatek Plastics Group was divided into 3 separate companies on one site:  Tech Tube Ltd, Corrutube Ltd and AV Injection Ltd. Corrutube Ltd manufactured plastic corrugated tubing and plastic extrusion profiles whilst AV Injection Ltd manufacture plastic injection mouldings. In 2012, Corrutube Ltd joined forces with Tech Tube Ltd to become one company and Tech Tube Ltd became the main company name.

We are specialists in the manufacture of plastic profile extrusions and injection mouldings of virtually any shape or size and offer a huge range of standard products for various industries. Renowned for our innovative approach to plastic extrusion and injection moulding design, as one of most experienced, friendly and competitive plastic extruders in the UK, we take considerable pride in the service we provide.

Meeting and often exceeding our customer’s needs we have built our reputation on reliability over the years.

Our modern factory is geared to rapid production and we have the capacity to process extremely large orders with ease. Our site occupies over 40,000 square feet which incorporates a modern tool room, numerous extrusion lines, a clean plastic extrusion clean room, a specialized corrugated tube line plus 38 injection moulding machines ranging from 50 to 1200 tonnes.

Tech Tube Ltd. has achieved an enviable reputation for high quality service, versatility and technical expertise. Accredited to British Standards ISO9001:2008 and BS: ISO13485:2003 / EN ISO:13485:2012, and we are proud of our technical expertise.

We are continually pushing the boundaries of plastic extrusion and injection moulding technology in terms of the complexity and diversity of materials.

Benefit from our exceptional customer service…

We enjoy working closely with our customers and have dedicated technical teams to build long lasting friendly relationships and exceptional customer service. We are proud to provide a professional cost effective service and experience to develop exceptionally good plastic extrusions and injection mouldings that add value to a wide variety of product applications.

New tooling is locally produced and maintained in-house and we are happy to provide advice and support when designing new products helping to overcome problems, refine best cost effective ideas and enhance the final product.

Highly versatile production capabilities

We have the capability to extrude any profile up to 300mm in width and injection mould parts up to 6 kilos. Plastic extrusion profiles can be cut accurately to any required length and in addition most plastic extrusion profiles can also be wrapped, taped, drilled or punched to suit most applications. Where possible we try to incorporate fabrication work into the extrusion line itself, keeping costs to a minimum. Our ongoing investment program enables us to regularly update and improve our facilities.

Highly skilled and versatile secondary operations and packaging capabilities

As part of our plastic extrusion service we have two dedicated secondary operation areas, one is dedicated to repackaging and the second is dedicated to bespoke assembly.

Both areas have their own management team and are very passionate in the preparation and presentation of finished goods to our customers.

What we do

Tech Tube Ltd manufacture a wide range of bespoke plastic products to include: plastic extrusion profiles, plastic rigid and flexible smooth wall tubing, plastic corrugated tubing, plastic cosmetic and diy tubes, plastic flexible drainage products and injection moulded products.

All the product manufacturing is carried out in our factory in Sutton in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire. 

We print, apply labels and laquer the plastic tubes to customer specifications. We then deliver them to a content filling house where they will be filled with cosmetic or DIY products. These fillers can be anything from hand & body moisturisers and shower gels to silcone’s, wood fillers and polyfillers ready for worldwide distribution.

Our values

Tech Tube Ltd are a passionate and innovative company who pride themselves in providing the best quality solution for your requirements. Some of the team have been with the Dalatek Plastics Group for many years, for instance Steve Green the Managing Director, has been with the group for over 18 years and Tim Martin, the Production Manager, over 25 years.

Our range of products and services

The range of services that we offer include:

Our Other Services

Plastic Collapsible Tubes

Tech Tube Ltd's tubes are all manufactured, printed and packaged under strict quality standards. Our technical design department will be pleased to assist with any of your design concepts right through to final artwork and reproduction.

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Plastic Beakers, Caps & Closures

Various types in a full spectrum of colours are available, from our own Smooth Walled closure through to sponges, brushes and flip top closures. With or without caps, we have both the tools and extrusion abilities to supply from medical to household applications.

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Plastic Tube Printing

We can fully prepare your products for market, our facilities include Foil blocking, tactile, gloss, matt or combination finishes to best suit your visual impact requirements.

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Plastic Extrusions

We are specialists in the manufacture of plastic profile extrusions of virtually any shape or size and offer a huge range of standard products for various industries, with a complete end to end management of the specification,

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