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Flexible Plastic Profiles

At Tech Tube Ltd, we are able to manufacture flexible plastic profiles in the form of a profile, tube or your requirements. A whole range of materials can be used to produce a high quality flexible extrusion.

We use materials in different ranges to suit your individual needs and depending on your preference, and your flexible plastic extrusion can be made with a transparent compound or coloured compound.
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Flexible PVC is a major thermoplastic extrusion polymer used in a wide variety of profiles. Flexible PVC is a vinyl polymer which can be very lightweight and is available in various softnesses, grades and a wide range of colours. It is very resilient and is compatible with many additives for colour, UV stabilization, and flame retardants.
These polymers are regularly used to produce flexible PVC extrusions for the aerospace, automotive and construction sectors. Flexible PVC extrusions in use Flexile PVC tubes and profiles are widely used for medical applications, since their light weight, transparency, tear and kink resistance, suitability for sterilisation and biocompatibility makes them well suited for catheters, blood taking and haemodialysis.
The cost-effectiveness and versatility of flexible PVC extrusions means they are used in different industries. Some of the most common applications include hosing, gaskets, straps, cable insulation, shelf edging, shopping baskets, pipes etc.

Custom Flexible Plastic Profiles

We are known for our custom made flexible plastic extrusions, where we fully design and manufacture unique flexible plastic profiles exclusively for our customers bespoke requirements. We supply an extrusion tooling service so you can get the right shape and size for your application. To find out more about Tech Tube’s custom made service, use our contact form.

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