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DIY Plastic Packaging

At Tech Tube we produce plastic packaging for Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical and DIY products. Whether you are in need of diy plastic packaging for a silicone, white filler or corrugated tubes, we have the solution for you to create a expert look and finish to your product.

DIY Plastic Packaging Tubes

In the DIY sector, functionality is vital but packs still need to look good to compete effectively in crowded markets. From redefining paint packaging to ongoing innovations in DIY containers. Our containers are practical, safe and easy to use, while our design skills and decoration options help to maximise on-shelf appeal – an unbeatable combination of quality and user-friendliness.

At Tech Tube Ltd you get the commitment to quality that you’d expect from a market leader. We will work with you at every stage to make your new pack development process as easy as possible. Such close co-operation helps to ensure a fast response and that all deadlines are met, for a launch that’s on time and on budget.
We offer a comprehensive range of presentation packaging and Tech Tube Ltd’s plastic packaging is well suited to the DIY market – the thin walled plastic display tubes, cassettes and clips do not occupy extra space on the display surface and provide strong sales increase and a valuable second use for product storage.

Benefits of DIY Plastic Packaging:

Durability: The long polymer chains which constitute the plastics raw material make it difficult to break.

Safety: Plastics packaging is shatterproof and does not fragment into dangerous shards when dropped.

Security: Plastics packaging can be produced and used with tamper-evident and child resistant closures. The transparency of the pack enables users to examine the condition of the goods prior to purchase.

Light Weight: Plastics packaging items are low in weight but high in strength. Hence products packed in plastics are easy to lift and handle by consumers and by personnel in the distribution chain.

Design Freedom: The properties of the materials combined with the array of processing technologies employed in the industry, ranging from injection and blow moulding to thermoforming, enable the production of an infinite number of pack shapes and configurations. Additionally the extensive range of colouring possibilities and the ease of printing and decoration facilitate brand identification and information for the consumer.

Increase Sales: With the design and printing application on your packaging can make you stand out from the crowd or shelf in this case. Which can essentially increase sales and turnover.

Printing Services:

Why Use Foil Blocking?foil blocking for plastic tube manufacturers

Key Benefits

  • Low set up cost
  • Simple cost effective solution for bespoke products
  • Printing solution for difficult to print shapes


Why Use Pad Printing?

Key Benefits:

  • Simple cost effective solution for difficult to print plastic parts and fittings
  • Minimal setup costs
  • Ink Savings: Pad printing transfer only a few microns of ink needed to print an image.No Labels which means Less Shipping Weight.
  • Flexibility: The pad can mold itself around the substrate getting into normally hard-to-reach places.
  • Durability: We supply inks that can be post-treated to create an extremely weatherproof and pocket-proof the printed image.
  • Precision: Minimal amount of ink required allows for extremely fine and precise images, ideal for product decorating.


Why use Dry Offset Printing?  

Compared to other printing methods, dry offset printing is a particularly cost effective method for printing high quality images on to plastic products. It is a technique that is commonly used throughout the industry to transfer an image from a printing plate of up to 5 colours from a rubber pad on directly on to the surface of a plastic tube. It is called ‘dry’ as no oil or water is used in the process.

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